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“Dispute over Chamber of Advocates: Is There a Need to Create a New Union of Advocates?”
“The Issue of Publishing the Personal Data of Voters: Legislative Regulations and Necessary Measures”
“Iran after the Presidential Elections: Impact on the Armenian-Iranian Relations and the Region”
“The Armenian Businessmen Work in Shadow because it is Profitable: Experts”
“Concerns about the Closure of the NA Standing Committee on Human Rights”
“Violations of LGBTI People’s Rights in Armenia”
“Observations and Assessments on Yerevan Council of Elders Elections”
“Assessment of Observers on Elections of Yerevan Council of Elders”
“Fight against Election Bribes or Encouragement?”
“The Causes and Consequences of the Closure of OSCE Yerevan Office”
From EU-Armenia Relations to Scandalous Revelations and the Closure of the OSCE Office: Press Conference of EU Ambassador
“The Agricultural Problems and the State Activities in Gegharkunik Region”
“How will “Nation –Army” Concept Contribute to Increasing the Combat Readiness of the Armed Forces?”
“Azerbaijan-Turkey Joint Military Exercises and Their Impact on the Region”
“Solutions to the Problems of People with Disabilities in Pre-Election Programs”
Yerevan Environmental Issues: “The City Turned into a Gray Territory Covered with Stones”
“Solutions to Urban Problems of Yerevan in Pre-Election Programs”
Discussion: The State of Yerevan Public Transport and Stops Reminds of “Sodom and Gomorrah”
“What Measures have been Taken a Year after April War?”
“It is Time to Pass on the Compensation Issue from the Genocide Recognition.”
“Amendments Draft on “Law on Freedom of Information”: Observations and Assessments”
Turkey after the Referendum: Ankara Directs its Sailboat to "Rough Sea": Experts
“How did the Political Forces Use the Online Platforms During the Campaign?”
“Citizen-Observer” Submitted 50 Complaints to the CEC about the Election Violations
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