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Press conference: A New Index of Transparency and Publicity
Discussion: Need for Amendments to the RA Labor Code
Press Conference: The Karabakh Conflict Settlement: Present State
Press Conference: The launch of the 'Exchange of Painters' project
Discussion: Let Our Sisters Be Born
Press Conference: ‘Monitoring Report on the Services of the RA Agency of Medical-Social Examination’
Press Conference: General and Higher Education Correlation: Contemporary Issues
Press Conference: Social transfers
Press conference: The Struggle against Hepatitis in Armenia: Problems and Solutions
Discussion: Possible Impact of the Tbilisi Incident on Georgian-Armenian Relations
Press Conference: Electronic Media Coverage Issues of the Legal and Judicial System
Panel Discussion in Armavir: Funded Pension System
Press Conference: Ambassador of Ukraine in Armenia Ivan Kukhta
Press Conference: Meeting with cinematographer Yuri Harmash
Press Conference: The Brazilian Ambassador to Armenia speaks on the World Cup Results
Discussion: The Court Decision To Threaten Freedom of Speech
Discussion: Turkey's Announcements and Their Denial before 2015
Press Conference: Confession Extracted with Brutality
Panel discussion: The government’s decision to raise electricity prices
Book presentation. ‘Community and the Country: Study on Freedom of Conscience in Armenia’
Discussion: 'Constitutional Amendments: Expanding of the Institution of Referendum'
Press Conference: Child protection issues
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