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Amnesty International report titled "Armenia: No Space for Difference"
«Amnesty International calls to respect and protect the right of human rights defenders and journalists to undertake their legitimate work without the fear of harassment,criminal prosecution or other pressure;investigate promptly, effectively and impartially all reports of attacks or threats against human rights defenders, journalists and civil society activists, and identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice», South Caucasus researcher of Amnesty International Europe and Central Asia Program Tural Ahmedzade briefly presented the report at the Media Center via live video call.
Constitutionalism of Armenian President’s Decision to Join Customs Union
Arthur Sakounts and his associates will file a lawsuit to the Administrative Court litigating accordance of Serzh Sarkissian's act of announcement about joining the Customs Union to principles of democracy in Constitution. He didn't exclude that a lawsuit may be filed to the Constitutional Court later.
Armenia’s Strategic Challenges to Socio-Economic Development
Armenia gets very little joining the Customs Union while losing sovereignity of economic policy, economist Vahagn Ghazaryan said at the discussion on “Armenia’s Strategic Challenges to Socio-Economic Development” initiated by the “Partnership for Open Society”.
Upcoming Presidential Elections in Georgia
There is a recent tendency in the political life of Georgia indicating that authorities do not cling to power: Mikheil Saakashvili returns the power, Prime Minister Ivanishvili states he is ready to resign, Director of Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation Dr. Stepan Grigoryan shared his observations during the discussion held at the Media Center.
Issue of Stray Dogs in Yerevan
The issue of dog population control in Yerevan is on the right way and the number of stray animals has been reduced in the capital, Alfred Hunanyan, Deputy Head of Trade and Services Department at the Yerevan Municipality said at the Panel Discussion organized at the Media Center.
Gyumri. 25 years after the earthquake
Head of Urban Development Department of Shirak regional administration Albert Margaryan is convinced that in a few years there will be no unhoused people in Gyumri. On the Media Center’s initiative a panel discussion was organized on “Gyumri. 25 years after the earthquake”.
People are not much interested in presidential election in Azerbaijan
People are not much interested in presidential election in Azerbaijan to be held on October 9, Arif Yunus, political scientist said on video call at the discussion held at the Media Center.
Open Air Discussion “Right to Breathe”
There are 522 sources of air pollution only in Yerevan where not only dust is a pollutant but heavy metals are, Lilit Sahakyan, Head of the Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies of the RA National Academy of Sciences says. The laboratory has throughout years discovered heavy metals of different qualitative and quantitative criteria. Almost all the city is polluted by molybdenum.
Amendments in the Articles on “Sexual Inviolability and Crimes against Sexual Freedom”
In the next two months the National Assembly will adopt the draft amendments in the articles on “Sexual Inviolability and Crimes against Sexual Freedom” of the 18th chapter of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia, Davit Harutyunyan, Chair of NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs predicted at the Panel Discussion hosted by the Media Center today.
Monitoring of the RA National Assembly Third Convocation
On September 6, 1:30 pm the Media Center hosted a discussion during which Mandate NGO presented the results of the monitoring of the RA National Assembly third convocation.
Parada: Closed Film Screening and Discussion
On September 5, 17:00 Srdjan Dragojevic’s Parada film was screened at the Media Center. The closed film screening was followed by a discussion, the keynote speakers of which included Representative of United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI) Maria Dotsenko, film critic Raffi Movsisyan and cultural studies expert Vardan Jaloyan.
Geopolitical New Crisis: External and Internal Threats to Syria
On September 5 the Media Center hosted a Panel Discussion on Geopolitical New Crisis: External and Internal Threats to Syria.
Levon Barseghyan against the Police
On September 4 the Media Center hosted a Press Conference on “Levon Barseghyan against the Police” court case and its successful completion.
Threats and Hate Speech against Women's Resource Center
On September 3 the Media Center hosted a Press Conference / Panel Discussion on the threats and hate speech addressed to the Women's Resource Center and the measures the organization is taking in response.
Hail Storm Aftermath in Armavir Region
On May 17, 14:00 pm Media Center hosted Panel Discussion / Press Conference on "Hail Storm Aftermath in Armavir Region".
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