Locals in Armavir Are Disappointed with Authorities and Opposition
The upcoming local elections in Armavir on March 15 will presumably be held in rather unusual circumstances. Locals have no alternative to the current city head since the only candidate is Ruben Khlghatyan from the governing Republican Party.

Other political powers chose not to venture into an election race, referring to the lack of resources and lack of belief in fair elections. And locals, as specified by the Armenian Election Code, will have to vote in favor or against. “At this stage we have not put forward our candidates for one simple reason: we have evaluated our chances and resources to find out what chance of winning we have,” said Mayis Mkhitaryan, member of Armavir Regional Committee of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).

The Media Center held a panel discussion in cooperation with the Armavir Development Center. The event featured the upcoming local elections in Armavir Region. The panelists included: Sedrak Hovhannisyan, head of the Armavir branch of ANC; Mayis Mkhitaryan, head of the Armavir branch of ARF-Dashnaktsutyun; Gagik Margaryan, head of the Armavir branch of the Heritage Party; Naira Arakelyan, head of the Armavir Development Center; Tigran Balayan, head of the Active Demand Initiative, Armavir Civic Youth Center; and Edgar Azizyan, head of the Sustainable Development Initiative NGO.

The array of candidates running for the local posts, panelists believe, is generally a major concern in other 33 communities where local elections are scheduled for March 15. The nominees are mostly from the governing Republican Party, with only two nominees in two villages representing the opposition.

Gagik Margaryan from the Armavir Regional Branch of the Heritage Party said: “The elections will be held and we’ll see again the government does the impossible to achieve a victory. They are ready to use force.” The abstention of the Heritage Party to run in the elections - Raffi Hovhannisyan, head of the Heritage Party won the majority of votes in Armavir during the 2012 presidential elections – is determined by the lack of an appropriate candidate in the region, Margaryan added.

Parandzem Karapetyan, however, believes to give up struggling and justify it with statements “the authorities will do whatever they want” will lead to nowhere. Every party should have at least one candidate at the upcoming local elections.

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