Azerbaijan Failed its Plan. Discussion
“The plan, developed by Azerbaijan, failed,” former RA Defense Minister Vagharshak Harutyunyan said at Media Center today during the discussion on “The reasons of resuming the military operations in Karabakh front and possible developments.”

This large-scale provocation unleashed by Azerbaijan was unexpected for our population but not for our armed forces.  

“Anyway, the response actions of our army showed that our armed forces were ready,” the Minister said.

Analysing the amount of the armed forces used by Azerbaijan during last three days, the speaker said that the adversary did not have an objective to resume the war.    

“Azerbaijan’s military political aim was to change the contact line for its benefit. Azerbaijan realizes that its current military political potential does not allow starting a war and achieving its goals, that’s why it does not undertake large-scale military actions. On the other hand, it is not ready for the conflict settlement through negotiations. Armenia and Karabakh usually agreed with proposals made by mediators but Azerbaijan always disagreed. RA three Presidents were willing to return some territory for the status of Nagorno Karabagh.  Azerbaijan is not ready for it and makes such  a provocation. Azerbaijan also shows its population that its expenses were not in vain, it also improves the combat readiness of its soldiers.  Realizing that the military political balance is not in its favor, Azerbaijan tries to blackmail everyone, it tries to make pressure on the OSCE Minsk Group to have Nagorno Karabakh.  And thanks to the literate actions of our army, Azerbaijan’s plans failed,” Harutyunyan said.  

Media Center noted that the military actions still continue and whether it is not too early to  record Azerbaijan’s failure, RA former Defense Minister said: ”No, we can already record Azerbaijan’s failure.”

Concerning the reaction of three co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, Harutyunyan said,” I do not agree that there should be an addressed reaction by three co-chairs.  There is a diplomatic problem in addressing one side, but when they say that the war should be stopped, isn’t it obvious that it refers to Azerbaijan?”

Ara Papyan, Head of the Modus Vivendi Center, said that unlike Armenia’s strategic ally Russia which did not make addressed statements, Azerbaijan’s strategic ally Turkey made an addressed statement, announcing that it will support Azerbaijan till the end.   

“Turkey, like Russia, is also a member of the Minsk Group but it is not a problem for it. If Russia, as one of the co-chairs, calls on both sides, nothing prevents other organizations in Russia to make more concrete and addressed statements. An ally should act like that,” Papyan said.

The Azerbaijani failed to benefit from their calculations. It is important that Azerbaijan is punishmed after this. “If any occupied position remains under the control of Azerbaijan, they will interpret it as a victory, so it is necessary to recover the situation on the contact line at least. Azerbaijan’s government and society should know that they will have human, material and maybe territorial losses after such harassments,” Papyan said.

The situation will be clear after Russian Defense Minister Shoigu visits Baku.

The speaker also spoke about the deployment of the peacekeeping forces by Russia. He said that it is not excluded but it is a very important issue as the factor of Iran and the USA should be taken into account.

Vagharshak Harutyunyan excluded the possibility of the deployment of the Russian peacekeeping forces and asked, “Will Turkey agree that the Russian peacekeeping forces are deployed in Karabakh? Of course, no. So it is excluded.”   

Harutyunyan commented on the information in the press that the Azerbaijani armed forces used the Smerch missile system: “It cannot be true as if Smerch was used, human losses would be much more.” 

Masis Mayilyan, Chairman of the NKR Public Council on Foreign Policy and Security, said by video call that both the army and volunteers’ spirit is high. Azerbaijan has incomparably large losses. “Azerbaijan should have also territorial losses in order to stop harassments.”

Mayilyan considers the reactions of the international community to be unprecedented. But he regretted that they were not addressed again which will allow Azerbaijan to go on with its criminal actions. He also excluded that the OSCE Minsk Group format will change. 

Harutyunyan said: “I exclude the enlargement of the military actions and consider that it can last a week maximum. I think after several days we will have clear results in terms of territories,” former RA Defense Minister said. 

Arevik Sahakyan, Events Coordinator at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to [email protected]

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