The 2020 Karabagh war and the future domestic and foreign safety policies of Armenia
On October 6th, 7pm, Media Center organized an online discussion on “The 2020 Karabagh war and the future domestic and foreign safety policies of Armenia”.

Jirair Libaridian - historian and former diplomat
Talin Papazyan - French-Armenian political scientist
Robert Aydabiryan - French-Armenian business manager and analyst

The 44-day Karabagh war of 2020 highlighted a number of weaknesses in Armenia's position and policy. Military factors that contributed to the defeat: What should be the main goal and priorities of Armenia's foreign policy, what should be of Armenia's foreign policy, who develops and implements it?

Historian, former diplomat Jirair Libaridian, French-Armenian political scientist Talin Papazyan, French-Armenian business leader and analyst Robert Aydabiryan, after eight months of research and extensive consultations, have published a report as a White Paper examining in detail the factors that led to a defeat in the war. The report also defines the environment in which Armenia currently operates both regionally and internationally.

The research includes a summary of the views of about 45 Armenian experts and analysts around the world on the causes, and consequences of the war.
The document also presents proposals for future elections and reforms.
The authors hope to encourage public debate on these issues, as well as to help authorities review issues in policy-making.

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