Your role is very important. What can you do as a citizen of the Republic of Armenia?
On May 11, at 14:00, the Media Center organized a meeting with Ruben Babayan, the artistic director of the Hovhannes Tumanyan Puppet Theater in the hall of Yerevan State University of Linguistics and Social Sciences after Valery Brusov.

The war made us reconsider many issues, made us think, what was not in our country that we lost thousands of lives, we had thousands of wounded, missing and captives.
How could we not preserve the sovereignty of Armenia and Artsakh? What was it about each of us that we might not have done?
What can we do now, as citizens, how to participate in the restoration of the state?
Are we decision makers or decision makers from above?
How accessible is our voice to the authorities? And how valuable is our vote to the authorities?
What is the role of civil society?
And, most importantly, what can you personally do?
Ruben Babayan presented his ideas: how can each of us participate in the work of bringing our country out of the crisis, how big and important is the role of each of us?
The speaker also answered the students' questions.

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There are still uncertainties about the constitutional changes, some changes have already been made in the Electoral Code
Armenia is committed to conduct electoral and constitutional reforms under the European Union-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement signed in 2017. The agreement signed in Brussels more than three years ago entered into force on March 1, 2021.
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