"Most of the Citizens of Armenia Avoid Medical Services in Polyclinics. Why?
On April 23, at 15:00, the Media Center organized an online discussion on the topic of "Most of the citizens of Armenia avoid medical services in polyclinics. Why?".


- Samvel Hayrumyan, Family Medicine Advisor to the Ministry of Health
- Anahit Charkhifalakyan, Acting Deputy Head of the Health Department of the Yerevan Municipality
- Tatevik Tokhyan, Head of the Department of Socio-Economic and Cultural Rights Protection
- David Melik-Nubaryan, Public Health Specialist
- Violet Zopunyan, President of the "Law Development Center" NGO


According to the ombudsman's annual report, a significant proportion of citizens avoid using polyclinics, citing mistrust of doctors and ineffective medical care.

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