"Civil Society-Government. Where to Look for a Breach?"
Today, on August 28, the Media Center conducted an interview with Larisa Minasyan, Executive Director of Open Society Foundations (OSF) - Armenia.

"It is understandable that the previous authorities targeted the civil society, in particular, the values and demands through civil society figures. I do not think they are so primitive that they see the danger or the reason for the loss of their power in this very civil society. "They have long ignored the people and the citizen, which does not allow them to understand that it was the demand of the people, the citizen, that the refusal came from there; even if they understood, it is difficult to go against the people and the citizen," said Larisa Minasyan during the interview. If the opposition's speculations about the Open Society Foundations - Armenia are understandable in the context of an authoritarian regime, then the statements of some representatives of the new government are surprising, how dangerous is the activity of the foundation for the new government, especially if we consider that part of the representatives of the new authorities are from civil society sector. In response to the question, Mrs. Minasyan said: "I do not think that any opinions are the position of the government. These non-factual conclusions, which are speculations, are dangerous in terms of undermining trust in the government elected by the people. The unsubstantiated rumors about the foundation by individuals are worrying. I see the danger there that they make no sense of the work done," said Larisa Minasyan.

Referring to the civil society-government relations, the well-known statement of the NA Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan, as well as the Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan calling the human rights activists "sectarians of law,", the speaker siad: "You know that I applied to the National Assembly, it is ridiculous that the letter has become public. I do not understand and worry about such a qualification of the person in charge of the justice system, because if you analyze the occasion, the word sectarian is not used in a civilized political discourse. I think he intended to say fundamentalist, that is, absolutist. Why is it worrying? Because the Minister of Justice should protect the right to refrain from torture, That is an absolute right. "

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