Learn to love and preserve each other
How to overcome the uncertainty of not getting out of the house due to the spread of coronavirus? What solutions do psychologists offer to overcome this global crisis with minimal emotional loss? Media Center interviewed Varuzhan Melkonyan, Director of the AYG Center for Psychological Services, about these and a number of other issues.

- Mr. Melkonyan, is there a state of emergency in Armenia? It's a state of emergency, by and large, around the world. But, nevertheless, this challenge is perceived by each of us personally. How to deal with the uncertainty of staying home for a month, or maybe even longer, which in turn causes many other problems?

- It is an indefinable state, and all psychological problems arise from an uncertain state. no one knows how long it will take, what developments will take place, how it will be treated. This series of uncertainties bring psychological tension. But there is two definite information, however: a) coronavirus has little or no effect on the younger generation, and b) there are people over 60 in the vulnerable group. That is to say, a small part of the population is considered to be a vulnerable group, others should just be careful not to infect vulnerable groups. Worldwide anxiety, including the media, has led to a situation where everyone is afraid that the next victim maybe himself. But you don't have to think that way. Uncontrolled information flows have increased the virus terribly. My plea and call - fear must be ruled out, fear, panic weakens human immunity, suppresses the immune system, and every organism fighting against each virus and disease. If we weaken our immune system, immunity, and other illnesses can raise our head.

- Being in the same small, enclosed space as much as you are surrounded by dear people, causes tension. How to maintain, conventionally, social distance in a small space, that is, personal space?

- It's difficult. It depends on the housing opportunities of each family. There is another problem. Educational institutions have undergone distance learning. Imagine a family that has three students and all three will have a lesson at the same time. They have one computer. Each family has a model of management. It's a complicated, extraordinary situation. Both states, governments, and every family must adopt an extraordinary model of governance.

- Is there a universal tool that can work in every family in such emergencies?
-No, the universal tool is the existing psychological services that offer free psychological services.
- I thought you would say to love one another. 

- All of this, with its negative consequences, can teach us a lot. The most important thing now is mutual help and thinking about the other. It is not difficult now to fight against what is not to transmit. This will teach us to respect and love one another. Like all over the world, there was someone ordering, and a bomb exploded in Syria, people were killed. Why? Because the commander thought he was so powerful that he could neglect the lives of others. There came a virus that became equally dangerous to all, and the whole world began to fight against one phenomenon, the idea of a common enemy that made people-friendly. This is the same thing in every state, every family. The only recipe to care for your relatives.

-The toddlers do not stand in the four walls, of course. want to go for walks, communicate with friends. How can parents explain the problem so that they can understand why they are at home?

- Keeping children busy at home. Walking is not excluded. At convenient times, excluding social contacts, children can be excluded. The freedom of children should not be suppressed, they should be given complete freedom. They are enterprising and never repeat the same game. You need to be able to present the constraints correctly. Grocery stores are open. You need to develop the right culture by following preventive measures. 

- There is a theory that we emerge stronger or wiser than any emergency. In this case, too, will this theory work?
- First of all, this is of a global nature. What was happening in the world before this virus appeared? States, people were armed. Arm yourself, that is, extra, artificially add strength to each. Natural, protective force is suppressed when we rely on artificial force. The world realized that no matter how many intercontinental missiles they had, they became powerless against a small virus. I hope that the huge military and technology investments will not continue, and the role of the individual in the life of each state will no longer be underestimated. This will probably be the biggest achievement when people begin to love one another and appreciate one's value. The value of souls will be prioritized from meeting material requirements.

How to organize the day-to-day emergency for children with autism? how to cope with their fatigue in the kitchen all day? how not to be discouraged when no one comes to you on birthdays? how to overcome this great crisis with dignity and minimal loss? Full interview and answers to these questions at https://anchor.fm/media-center/episodes/by-Lilith-Avagyan-ebv5jq


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