On December 18 HCA Vanadzor office presented a report on The Rights of Army Recruits in Winter 2017 and Summer 2018 at Media Center.

67 out of 94 army recruits of winter 2017 and summer 2018 turned to the organization with problems regarding improper medical examination and disagreement with medical conclusion.  As a result of HCA legal support 19 out of 94 got deferment with various terms.  7 were recognized as incompetent and were exempted from service, competence resolution of 1 person was turned down against surgery. During winter 2018 conscription a new decision will be made, 12 people were recognized as competent and conscripted, 9 of them for service with limitations. 10 people were recognized as competent but turned down the medical examination conclusion and refused to be conscripted and the decision was appealed according to judicial order by the organization. 4 people were recognized as competent for service but turned down the medical examination conclusion and were not conscripted but did not turn to the organization for further appeal. For 37 people there was no need for written support upon their request, 4 people will undergo expertise examination during winter 2018 conscription.

Armine Sadikyan, project coordinator at HCA Vanadzor office, says a number of diseases do not match the International classification of diseases 10th review approved in Armenia in 2005.

“Standards of grading diseases according to their stages are not clear. For a number of diseases methods and standards defining their function grades are not defined. Such and other drawbacks create uncertainty and boost subjectivity among specialists and medical institutions”, Sadikyan said.  

HCA Vanadzor office studied the RA government resolutions regarding mandatory military service deferment or exemption from 1998 to August 11 2018.

According to studies in the reported period 1519 citizens were deferred and 205 exempted. 729 citizens out of 1519 were deferred on education basis, 350 for being clergymen, 139 as representatives of sport. For 142 cases the bases are not mentioned.  

Artur Sakunts from HCA Vanadzor office noted that recommendations were sent to the ministry of defense based on study findings.  

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