Cultural Policy: Amendments Recommended by Political Parties
Hrachya Hakobyan, My Step MP candidate emphasizes the educational qualifications of citizens which is first and foremost related to culture and education.

“Unless it’s there the citizens can’t demand high quality culture,” he noted on December 6 at Media Center discussion on Cultural Policy: Amendments Recommended by Political Parties.

“If in a year’s time there is a performance at the theater with a high cultural value, the people will not attend. The society should develop to the degree to demand. Previous authorities did their best so that this does not happen. I don’t want to dwell upon this because my friends in the theater and film don’t take it easy”, Hakobyan said.

He also added that attempts should be made to go into world film market. He also emphasized that we have not had a film of world value during those years.  

“The X budget that is supposed to be spent on 1 quality film is spent on 20 films. The state did not pursue what was happening in the field of culture, culture was always ignored by higher authorities. Children should be educated from childhood, they must do lessons in museums so that when they become 18 museum attracts them”, Hakobyan noted.

Sona Harutyunyan from Bright Armenia noted that their primary goal should be making amendments in the legislative field. Their primary issue will be reviewing the law on culture the latter being outdated and not matching nowadays structural functions.

She noted that culture and education must collaborate, education qualifications must be raised. Also the state should work out programs that would provide high quality performances.  
According to Harutyunyan we can’t take abrupt steps in one day, there must be transition culture policy stage.

“We all wish to be in parliament that’s why legislative amendments should be our primary goal. They will directly contribute to corruption extermination.”

She disagreed with the idea that people should demand opening the doors of cultural houses that have been locked for years. “The state should draw its policy with priorities. I agree that education qualification should be raised, education and culture should collaborate and the state draw special programs to enable high quality performances.” 

Elen Hokhikyan from Citizen’s Decision social-democratic party said cultural entities should boos their quality to attract audience otherwise they will be left out from the field.

“Higher education policy should be reviewed, professionals invited who will pass on quality skills so that we don’t have to invite workers to Philharmonic and other cultural centers against big amounts of money. Young people should have an opportunity to get experience in various cultural centers”, Hokhikyan said.

In her opinion in the conservatoire the education quality is aggravated, It is not only about education but also finding a job. Elen Hokhikyan thinks that the ministries of education and culture should collaborate.

“The state should define quality standards but not dictate content”, Hokhikyan says.  

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