Human Rights in 2018: Annual Sum Up
For 25-30 years issues related to human rights violations in Armenia have been in our spotlight: Such was the notice of Larisa Alaverdyan, head of “Fighting Against Violations of Law” NGO, first Ombudsperson of Armenia on December 12 at Media Center press conference.

According to her cruel treatment and condemnable attitude on behalf of power bodies is actual. 

Ara Gharagyozyan, lawyer at “Fighting Against Violations of Law” NGO touched upon violence during gatherings. According to him criminal cases were instigated at Special Investigative Service over such cases but no one person is held accountable.
Shoghine Soghomonyan, head of “Fighting Against Violations of Law” Yerevan office, said that they conducted monitoring of election processes through mobile observers and cameras installed in the precincts. She notes the significant difference between this and previous years’ elections. This time there was no mass guidance, taxis driving people to and from precincts.  

Soghomonyan said they noticed crowds in the voting stations, the problem was mainly with voting stations officers poor preparation. “They did not manage well and could not figure out what to do whenever there was a dense flow of citizens.”   

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