The possibilities of treating diabetes in Armenia
In Armenia there are 576 children under 18 with Type 1 diabetes. Yelena Aghajanova, chief of department at Muratsan university clinic spoke about this at Media Center discussion on November 21.

According to Yelena Aghajanova, chief of department at Muratsan university clinic, the number of people with diabetes is growing in Armenia and in the world. The number of children with Type 1 diabetes is yearly growing by 3%.

“Children with diabetes receive one type of treatment, that is insulin. They receive it through their lifetime. It is made of a very expensive substance. The state assumes that obligation especially when it comes to children”, says Aghajanova.

She emphasizes that medical service has been improved for people with diabetes. On the other hand there is a lack of new technologies in the field.

“Science progresses, there are insulin pumps which work without injection and are largely self-controlled. They regulate the level of glucose in the organism”, Aghajanova said.

Sahak Dashyan, founder of Shakeh charity foundation, who also attended the discussion, said that 4-5 children out of 40-45 thousand born in Armenia every year get diabetes.

“Diabetes can neither be prevented nor predicted. Nor is there radical cure. We have 6 insulin pumps in Armenia with 6 patients. The pumps are particularly important for pregnant women with diabetes”, Dashyan said.

According to him the newly founded Shakeh foundation will support children with diabetes. “Our objective is to enable children with diabetes to have insulin pumps and its costly items in the 5-6 years to come.”

For more please watch the video.

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