Ex Convicts’ Reintegration Issue in Armenia
The reintegration issue of ex convicts starts at the moment when the sentenced person enters penitentiary institution.

Arshak Gasparyan, head of head of Social Justice NGO struck this note at November 7 Media Center discussion.
“All the staff of penitentiary institutions must serve one objective, which is preparing the sentenced person for freedom. This is the philosophy of the prison system that we lack”, Gasparyan noted.
He also added that the rehabilitation service must draw up individual correction plan during the sentence period and 6 months before the sentence ends a reintegration plan which deals with shaping and manisfestation of social skills.

“In freedom the reintegration process is carried out by NGOs. It is wrong to leave it up to them only. The state is the guarantor that a person who was left out even by the judicial authorities is reintegrated to their full”, Gasparyan said.
Zara Hovhannisyan, human rights defender said that people lacking education more often find themselves in penitentiary institutions. After serving the sentence they find themselves without education and working skills that will enable them to integrate into the labor market.
do not have property in the society though the law provides equal opportunities”, Hovhannisyan added.
Arayik Papikyan, lawyer, says the state on behalf of the ministry of justice spends months on, probation services, formal procedures and setting up documentations. Those days and hours are taken from those people’s integration.
“The person who leaves the penitentiary institution and waits that relevant decisions be made and documents be set up regarding him can unwillingly and even consciously commit another crime”, Papikyan said and added that it would be better if the state worked on crime reduction.  For more please watch the video.


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