Comprehensive Programs of Social Aid Needed in Armenia
October 30, 11:00

The mother of abandoned twins in Gyumri orphanage visited them. She admitted wanting them back to her. 

Magda Arsenyan, assistant to RA minister of labor stated on October 30, at Media Center discussion.

According to Arsenyan they immediately after learning about the case they took all measures for comprehensive aid.

“The mother is willing to cooperate with us to improve her social status to be able to sustain her kids”, Arsenyan noted.

She also stressed that they will work with the mother to improve her professional skills and create conditions for the kids to grow at their biological family.

“Currently we are working out a comprehensive social aid program to help all those who are in need”, says Magda Arsenyan.

Zara Hovhannisyan, human rights advocate says that the local governance did not make efforts to direct the woman to corresponding organizations.

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