Comprehensive Programs of Social Aid Needed in Armenia
The mother of abandoned twins in Gyumri orphanage visited them. She admitted wanting them back to her.

Magda Arsenyan, assistant to RA minister of labor stated on October 30, at Media Center discussion.

According to Arsenyan they immediately after learning about the case they took all measures for comprehensive aid.

“The mother is willing to cooperate with us to improve her social status to be able to sustain her kids”, Arsenyan noted.

She also stressed that they will work with the mother to improve her professional skills and create conditions for the kids to grow at their biological family.

“Currently we are working out a comprehensive social aid program to help all those who are in need”, says Magda Arsenyan.

Zara Hovhannisyan, human rights advocate says that the local governance did not make efforts to direct the woman to corresponding organizations.

“In our country the beneficiary commissions are not professional. They are led by community heads who do not have any professional skills of working with families:, Hovhannisyan says.
She also said that comprehensive policy should be worked out, the specialists need to be retrained and understand what is poverty and violence.

Mira Antonyan, president of children’s protection network says that trustee and beneficiary are the remnants of the Soviet times that was perhaps working well during the previous system. 

“Since the independence the responsibility is shifted to beneficiary commissions. Their members are the inhabitants of the same village, who are well aware of the problem and that breaches the objectivity. It is difficult to be objective when they live in the same community. The second hindering factor is that it seems to people that social problems are like daily bread, everyone knows how to earn it. It is a grave mistake”, Mira Antonyan said.

She noted that 20 years was enough time to understand that vital issues were delegated to a body that in fact does not exist. 

“What does it mean that the commission discusses serious family issues. The solutions should be shifted to a professional field. It seems that the government took this route. The ministry is a policy maker. There must be a social service agency where each case has an attached professional social worker”, Antonyan noted.
Magda Arsenyan said that they are taking necessary steps. She said that there must be a social aid system which is not limited only by social aid. The person should be sure that she can get comprehensive support. For more please watch the video.


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