“Hunan Poghosyan’s Appointment is Humiliating for Syuniq People”: Human Rights Defenders
October 18, 11:00

October 18, Media Center held a discussion on “Staff Policy in Post Revolutionary Armenia”. 

The speakers were Artur Sakunts, head of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor office, Nina Karapetyants, head of Helsinki Association for Human Rights and Marina Poghosyan, head of “Veles” Human Rights Defense organization.

The appointment of Hunan Poghosyan as Syuniq governor caused unrest among public circles.

Artur Sakunts says that this is not the only controversial appointment and public feedback to such appointments is segmental.  

“In the economic bloc also there are people who have worked in harmony with the previous government and are connected with corruption stories”, Sakunts says. 

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