Prime Minister Pashinyan’s Resignation is a Risky Step: Political Scientists
The situation in Armenia is tensed and tends to aggrevate with the counter-revolution forces mounting their resistance, as they know they are going to lose. Ara Papian, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary, director of Modus Vivendi center expressed his view at October 4 discussion held in Media Center.

According to Ara Papyan counter-revolution forces can take such actions that we do not even expect.  

“The situation is changing day by day. And as we see the counter-revolution is starting to attack. One cannot regulate post-revolution state with ante-revolution laws and constitution”, says Ara Papyan.

Stepan Grigoryan, president of analytical center on globalization and regional cooperation thinks that the republicans should not be trusted, even when they say they will not nominate a candidate for prime minister if snap elections are held in May, 2019.

“The republican figures slander Armenia almost every day. The MP is not only there to draft laws. He is one whom people elect and he has to meet with the people. And the political elite in the parliament is of no quality. Our problem is that they are of much lower quality politically. All they do is slander. They take advantage of Pashinyan’s soft policy. The republican party imposed the parliamentary system on us. And in any parliamentary country the prime minister is eligible to dissolve the parliament”, Grigoryan says.  

According to Grigoryan the draft is not disputable. The problem is the intention to prevent snap elections.  

Grigoryan considers prime minister’s resignation a risky step.

“It is not about what we can do. There are different ways and the most probably is to make most deputies face the law. A considerable number of deputies have problems with the law and their masks should be torn off in front of people. When their deals are disclosed they will come to understand that everyone is equal against the law. One of the mechanisms is to draw them into the frame of the law”, Grigoryan added.   

For more please watch the video.

Lilit Arakelyan, Media Center project editor/coordinator.



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