“Armenians will successfully overcome this transition period”, German ambassador to Armenia
Armenia came to be admired by the foreign community especially after the peaceful revolution, says Matthias Kiesler, German ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Armenia, who was hosted at Media Center on October 3, on the occasion of Germany’s Reunification Day.

The ambassador also noted that tangible changes require long time.

“The problems do not get solved within one night. It is a wrong approach for the Armenian reality to expect immediate changes. The Armenian people will successfully overcome this transition period. They have all the makings of it.”

The ambassador also noted: “It is very important that the society is grounded on consensus. I emphasize this not only for Germany but for the European Union.”

As to the current status of Armenia-Germany relationships the ambassador noted:

“Armenia-Germany economic relationships are currently kind of stagnant.” Though, according to Kiesler there is a huge potential for fostering bilateral relationships. Such a high potential sphere is that of energy where the two countries successfully cooperate.”

According to the ambassador given the specifics of Armenia tourism can be well promoted. But he thinks there is a lot to be done particularly with regard to infrastructure development.

“In the tourism infrastructure field Armenia can learn from the Georgian experience”, says Matthias Kiesler, German ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Armenia.

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