“The velvet Revolution sends out the message that now Armenia is more open to the world and for investments”, says the ambassador of Brazil to Armenia.
September 7 this year marks 196th anniversary of Brazil’s independence. On this occasion Media Center hosted H.E. Agemar de Mendonça Sanctos, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Brazil to Armenia.

Before discussing Armenian-Brazilian relationships the ambassador spoke about the accident that took place in Brazil a few days earlier. In Rio de Janeiro the national museum of Brazil was burnt down. It was the repository of 20 mln specimens and 200 years of research and work.  

'’In Brazil the buildings are mainly built of brick and mortar. The factors of the fire can be different but now the investigation is working to find out the causes. 90% of the specimens were destroyed and only 10% was saved”,  the ambassador said.  

As to the Armenian-Brazilian relationships their prospects after the velvet revolution the ambassador said that Brazil has always been in good terms with Armenia’s government as it has been in good terms with the Armenian people.

“The velvet revolution is sending out the message that Armenia now is more open to the world and for investments. I can see that the investment environment is becoming more favorable in Armenia”, says Mr. Agemar de Mendonça Sanctos.

As to the trade turnover between Armenia and Brazil the ambassador noted that Armenia’s exporting capacity is very small.

“In trade turnover the numbers are not so big. The Brazil exports to Armenia make 30 million dollar and the import makes only 1 million. The Brazilian market is very big with 50 lmn people with purchase capacity, whereas Armenia’s export is 90% directed to Russia and other regional countries. They can’t meet the demands of the Brazilian market with over 7000 supermarkets.  I am working to promote and engage but for now the export volumes don’t meet the demands of the Brazilian marketանել'', says Agemar de Mendonça Sanctos. 

According to the ambassador the Armenian-Brazilian cultural ties are tighter.

“This year we have 2 film festivals in Armenia, Brazilian music festival, scholarships for Armenian students to study in Brazilian colleges. We are also working to bring lecturers and students to Armenia. I am trying to promote the Brazilian culture here. As to tourism Armenia is an easy country for Brazilians because of the wavered visa regime”, the ambassador added.

For more please watch the video.

Lilit Arakelyan, Media Center project editor/coordinator.



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