The majority of the users are against the mandatory system
According to a Facebook survey relating to the mandatory pension fund the majority of the users are against it. 67% of Facebook users are against the mandatory system.

The survey was conducted between June 23 and July 9.

900 users (35%) out of 2550 users who visited the survey platform voted.

What do people think of the mandatory system?

  • More positive 16.5%
  • Quite positive 9.4%
  • Neutral 7.2%
  • Quite negative 43.1%
  • More negative 23.8%

The total percentage of those with negative opinion is 67% and with positive opinion 26%. 7.2% are neutral. 

The users left hundreds of comments most of them with negative connotations.

Firmly negative attitude 

On June 12 the RA government approved of the bill on “Mandatory pension fund” that came into effect on July 1 of this year. According to it all the citizens born after 1974 must be included in the system.

In spite of prime minister Pashinyan’s unprecedented reputation the public mood regarding the mandatory system has not seen any significant moves.

A survey conducted in Armenia by CAUCASUS RESEARCH RESOURCE CENTER within the frameworks of Caucasus Barometer project in the period of 2017 October13 to 27 shows pretty similar to those of PJC results.

The questions was  - to what extend do you support or not support the mandatory pension fund system that will fully come into effect in 2018 for citizens born after 1974.

  • Quite no support 41%
  • Rather no support 16 %
  • neutral 23 %
  • more support 14 %
  • Fully support 4 %

Comparing the results of the two platforms it becomes obvious that there are no significant changes in public moods with over 40% of participants being against the mandatory fund.

Some changes in public moods account for transfer of authority in Armenia by the velvet revolution. For a part of the society distrust towards the mandatory component accounted for the profound distrust towards the ex authorities.  But pushing off the untrustworthy authorities did not significantly affect public attitude.

Artak Manukyan, president of National Center of Public Policy Research NGO finds negative public attitudes as normal and accredits it to the circumstance that “the population reduces current consumption with the expectation of buying more in the future.”

According to the economist the negative attitude towards the system accounts for low level of awareness.

According to Manukyan, It is better to invest the “long money” generated by this mandatory system in more predictable environments. 

“In this regard before implementing the system it would be better to take steps for investment projects and for providing public engagement. It is common to direct pension fund “long money” in creating infrastructures. I think in the RA the alternative should be the utility field. 

Mandatory Component

January 1 2014 saw the launch of multilevel pension system in our country. The system’s distributive component was complemented with accumulative component. As a result of public disapproval led by “I am against” movement” the government rejected the mandatory component and joining the system took place mainly on voluntary basis.

One of the coordinators of “I am against” movement was Mane Tandilyan, current minister of social affairs and labor.

Artak Zeynalyan, RA current minister of justice was among the 36 deputies who went to constitutional court who stated that the mandatory component should not be implemented and the money should be returned to the owners.

Survey details 

The survey was conducted in the period of June 23 and July 9, 2018.

The survey was available on PJC’s Media Center Facebook page that has over 7000 followers. To provide broad public engagement it was promoted on paid basis. The promotion targeted the citizens of Armenia over 18. The survey language is Armenian.
905 (35%) out of 2550 users who visited the survey platform expressed their views. 97 % of the participants are from Armenia, 3% from other countries.

The views and opinions of the participants is private and not subject to be published. The users participated anonymously without disclosing their identity.

“Public surveys in the online platform” project is carried out by Public Journalism Club NGO.


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