Armenian-Russian Relationships: Crisis or a Rising Opportunity?
During a discussion at Media Center on August 22 Ara Papian, political scientist, president of Modus Vivendi center stated that Armenian-Russian relationships are on a normal course.

The latter also noted that the Armenian-Russian relationships underwent qualitative change given the quality change of the authorities.

“The situation for Russia is a bit unusual which accounts for the existing dissatisfaction. They were used to a low ranking official to make orders and they were carried out immediately in Armenia.”

As to Russia’s negative role in Karabakh issue Ara Papian noted:

“At a time when Armenia “was bending down” to Russia we had a war in 2016. Consequently Armenia’s position is not at question. If Russia aims to instigate war, it is instigated. RF policy is characterized with and defined by its interests. In Karabakh conflict Russia’s interest is that the conflict exists as long as possible. It is a tool to exercise pressure on both countries. Russia can instigate a war conditioned by big geopolitical interests but it has nothing to do with our position. We should not forget that Russian-Turkish ties are getting tighter”.  
Stepan Grigoryan, president of Analytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation noted that 20 years ago Russian Federation’s policy was the other way around: Lavrov and Putin used to see the illiterate Armenian officials who were ready to hand over the interests of Armenia. Now there came a young, new leaders who don’t think that way.   

“It is normal, they will digest it”, he said.  

Stepan Grigoryan while commenting on Russia’s role in Artsakh issue noted that Armenia has to explain the scenarios to Russia.

“We must explain to them the consequences for Russia in case Armenia and Karabakh get out of question. Obviously in that case the Turkish-Azeri alliance will eventually push Russia out of the region. Then Russia must know the price to pay. I am sure Russia will never allow one side to win and the other to lose in Karabakh issue.”

For more please watch the video.

Lilit Arakelyan, Media Center project editor/coordinator.

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