The Heritage Expects Fair and Free Elections: Raffi Hovhannisian
Their proposal regarding a united electoral list did not come to pass because of an erroneous approach. Raffi Hovhannisian, founder of the Heritage party stated at August 20 Media Center press conference.

“The revolution list will turn into various inter-party lists. The Heritage expects fair and free elections”, stated Hovhannisian while dwelling upon September 23 Yerevan Council of Elders snap elections. Shortly after the press conference the Heritage administration sitting nominated Raffi Hovhannisian to run in the elections.

Regarding prime-minister Pashinyan's August 17 speech at the Republic Square Hovhannisian noted: “Instead of introducing prime-minister’s long term objectives rather he was retaliating to this or that criticism. There have been proposals that are being discussed freely and I don’t think there is any limitation of freedom of speech. If there is such we will be the first to convict it. At present every one is expressing their approaches. It is noteworthy that all those who have for years limited the freedom of people’s, journalists’ rights to inform, have faked elections and committed other crimes now come up with such statements.”

Regarding a question on the possibility of Robert Kocharyan’s return to politics Raffi Hovhannisian noted that there is no political danger in his return.  

“Robert Kocharyan has the right to return where he wants and where he deserves to be, whether it is the jail or another place”, Hovhannisian said.

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