The spring velvet revolution in Armenia had positive feedback in France: Jonathan Lacôte
The spring velvet revolution in Armenia had positive feedback in France especially given that all that took place peacefully and legally. This was the view expressed by Jonathan Lacôte, Ambassador of France to Armenia at July 12 Media Center press conference

The events in Armenia had generated positive feedback in France. The mass media was very sympathetic towards those events. It is significant that they were peaceful. I have told my government that during that time no French person was in danger. The same was noted down by French monitoring group. People in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor and other cities went out to the street. They were neither party members nor political representatives. What happened conformed with the spirit and the requirement of the constitution. 

The press conference was held on the eve of the Bastille storming. July 14 marks the national day of the French people all over the world. The day includes two anniversaries.

“1789 Bastille storming emphasizes that the French people in their nature are revolutionary and 1790 July 14 marking French Reconciliation day”, says Jonathan Lacôte.

According to the ambassador July 11 Brussels meeting of France’s Emanuel Macron and Armenia’s Nikol Pashinyan that proceeded in a warm atmosphere was specifically conditioned by the velvet revolution nature and post revolutionary changes and the latter set the bilateral relations between the two countries on a new course.

“Everybody in France closely follow the reforms process taking place in Armenia. The combat against corruption is especially decisive against oligarchic and monopolist bodies. And this is a significant message to all partners of Armenia”, the ambassador emphasizes.

He also informs that almost every day after the revolution different groups express their interest in Armenia that saw a peaceful and constitutional revolution. These groups include businessmen who are interested to make investments in Armenia.

As to the Karabakh conflict the French diplomat notes French authorities positively receive any response by the Armenian counterparts based on the solely peaceful resolution of the issue.

“I realize how difficult it is for the Armenian society especially for those families whose sons are in the army”, Jonathan Lacôte notes.

The ambassador adds that in the talks process the meeting of Armenian and Azeri foreign ministers was desirable on July 11 in the presence of OSCE Minsk group Co-chairs. According to Lacôte  at meetings in this format also France defends its position which is no use of force.  

As to the false news regarding abolishing the ban on selling weapon to Azerbaijan Lacôte  reiterated the obligations assumed by his country  - not to provide weapons and ammunition that can allegedly be used to start war against Artsakh.  

“Once we learnt about the fake rumors circulating in Azeri media as if France abolished the ban on selling weapons to Azerbaijan we immediately denied them. That was another chance to reiterate our position. France is respectful to the obligations assumed against international provisions, which is to refrain from and not to provide weapons and ammunition that can be used to unleash war in this case against Artsakh”, the ambassador says.

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