“Inclusive Education in Museums: Museum without Obstacles”
The Museum education center is going to hold master classes and profound trainings in Yerevan on “Inclusive education in museums: museum without obstacles”.

Hayk Mkrtchyan, coordinator of Museum education center spoke about this at Media center on March 30.  

The center will hold master classes in Komitas museum-institute on April 3, at 14:00 o’clock for the museum workers’ professional skill development.


Marek Yakubowski, inclusive education expert from Poland will conduct the master class.  

From April 4 to 6 Marek Yakubowski will conduct profound trainings in Martiros Saryan home museum for 20 specialists from different museums of Armenia  

“The training is aimed at forming a comprehensive working document which will be a handy  tool for museums”, said Hayk Mkrtchyan.

Every year the Museum education center holds trainings for professional skill development.

“This year we target inclusion. Museums are the inseparable part of it, while not having having appropriate infrastructures and facilities for people with disabilities., We particularly stress blind visitors or those with other visual impairments ”, added Mkrtchyan.  

Ester Hakobyan, Head of Armenian branch of DVV International, who attended the press conference, said that they have been cooperating with museums for more than 15 years.

“We promote education for life, development and investment of adult education in Armenia within the framework of our mission.  We are very inclusive, we work for all groups and we emphasize the education opportunities for people with different disabilities within our projects’’, said Ester Hakobyan.

Armen Alaverdyan, president of Unison NGO, who also attended the press conference, said that all developed country, state institutions, cultural centers, libraries and museums have facilities (entrance, exit, toilet) for people with disabilities.  

“It is necessary to adopt a policy “Museums for everyone’’. The change of infrastructures is not an expense, but an investment with the majority of tourists visiting Armenia being pensioners and they can have disabilities and moving difficulties/impairments due to their age and illness. There is an army of such tourists, who discover that they can’t visit sightseeings and museums in Armenia. The museums having facilities, don’t present appropriate information on their websites”, said Alaverdyan.    

According to Alavedyan, reforms due in this sphere, will quickly and effectively promote the development of country image and improvement of economic situation.

“We speak about universal design, rather than facilities for people with disabilities. It is the architecture or transportation convenient for all not only for people with disabilities”, added Alaverdyan.

Inessa Harutyunyan, head of teenagers programs of Autism National Foundation, who also attended the press conference, spoke about museums social atmosphere for children with mental, behavioral or sense impairments.   

“Museum workers welcomed our children, but there is lack of information and issues concerning accessibility and availability of programs. For example, there are special rooms in foreign museums available for children with grave disabilities. As an entertainment venue it helps them to feel a part of the society’’.



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