“Press Conference of “Children for the Sake of Children” Initiative”
November 19 is the World Day for the Protection of Children against Violence, in connection with which a press conference was held at Media Center on November 17.

Artyom Voskanyan, Milena Musayelyan, Mikayel Mikayelyan, Members of “Children for the Sake of Children” initiative, were the speakers of the press conference.

“Often, violence against children is being used at schools, in the yard and in the family but today I will speak about violence in the family and in the yard ... I do not like violence but I often see violence in the yard, school, public transport, and other places. The adults love the family to call it upbringing or say that they do it for the good of the child, or they do well to become a good person. In my opinion, something that is done through pain, aggression, depression, is hard to call a child upbringing,” Mikayel Mikayelyan said, adding that mainly violence in the family comes from violence.                      

In Mikayel's opinion, violence is also the case when adults decide on the child's profession, while the child has another desire.

“For example, when a child wants to go to football but parents force him and take him to the piano. Violence also takes place in the yard when a large child ages a small child,” Mikayel said.

Milena Musayelyan says she often meets situations when two students learn and respond in the same way but receive different assessments at school. She thinks this is a psychological violence against a child.

“In my opinion, the child, who has got a lower score, can feel offended. I think violence is also the case when the child is maltreated and the teacher puts him in a low grade, in my opinion, this is also psychological abuse because the teacher could simply call that student privately and explain that evil should not be done. Violence is also a fact when teachers force children to take part in classroom events when a child does not want to, in my opinion, psychological violence as the child's opinion is not taken into account,” Musayelyan said.

Artyom Ghazaryan, agreeing with Milena and Mikayel's opinion, said that adults have something to think about in this regard. He made several recommendations on how to avoid violence against children.

“In situations where parent and child are unable to understand each other and cannot discuss general issues, it is possible to talk to parents and child before and after the parent meeting in schools and understand what the problem is. This will allow professionals to understand what problems are facing in families and find solutions,” Artyom Ghazaryan said. 

She thinks the problem comes from much higher levels and notes that when officials make decisions about their children, the children's opinion should also be taken into account.

“Children who have seen violence at an early age tend to apply violence, and if parents do not abuse violence against children, then I think this will reduce the violence as their peers use violence against their peers. And to avoid this phenomenon, one can do so to reduce the level of domestic violence. I urge my parents to see what they have seen in their early childhood, when they are not good enough to transfer their children to the good, as the children are not just the future; they are present, and if we do not engage now with our present, we can hardly build a good future,” Artyom Ghazaryan said.  

Lilit Arakelyan, editor/events coordinator at “Media Center”

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