The Screening of “Apricot Groves” Fiction Film by Pouria Heidari at Media Center
The screening of “Apricot Groves” Fiction Film by Director Pouria Heidari was held at Media Center on August 28, followed by the discussion with the film actors and the crew.

“Apricot Groves” is a result of Armenian-Iranian production but it was screened in the Armenian cinemas. It was involved in the off-competition program of “Golden Apricot” entitled “Armenians: Internal And External Views,” but the program was removed entirely and this film together with the others involved in this program were not screened within the festival.

Failure to perform film screenings in Armenian cinemas is unclear for the crew. “I have done everything legally. I followed the country's legislation. I came to Armenia, found the movie center, signed a contract, presented the scenario, paid money, and then problems started. All issues must be personal, which started at the cinema center, and they did not think at first that serious  work would be done and the famous actors of Armenia would act in the film, that the film would be presented in festivals in the future, and they just signed a contract,” the filmmaker said.

In the Armenian society, the topic of the film was also discussed, being a subject of disagreements.

But the filmmaker underlines that such a reaction was unexpected because there was nothing wrong in the film. “Many say that the topic of the film is LGBT, it is focused on it, but it focuses on love, the goal is love.”

The "Apricot Groves" film has been presented to 51 festivals so far, and a screening in Iran is intended soon. The film is also qualified for the Oscars. 

Ara Sargsyan, the actor of "Apricot Groves", thinks the noise around the film is unnecessary. Especially when people do not watch it but make a noise. According to him, there is no dangerous in the film. “A person has fallen in love, loves and goes to do a sex change.”  , սիրում է և գնում է սեռափոխություն կատարելու»: 

Narbe Vardan, the actor of "Apricot Groves", notes that very seldom it happens to be proposed such roles. “I just thought about the film, I looked at the scenario and there was nothing wrong related to the Iranian-Armenians, Armenia and Iran, and I accepted it.”  

Watch the trailer here.

To watch the video, follow the link.  

Arpine Arzumanyan, website editor at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to [email protected].


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