“Pre-Election Promises and Steps: Two-Month Operation of “Yelq” Faction of Yerevan Council of Elders”
The newly elected Council of Elders has assumed office for nearly two months.

“Yelq” faction of the Council of Elders has launched a few noisy initiatives that have not been widely accepted by the public in social networks. The two-month operation of the oppositional faction (the renaming of several streets of Yerevan, the ban on rabiz music in the Vernisage area, banning flags of other states in public transport) gave rise to public debates. The most tangible achievment of “Yelq” Faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders is considered the suspension of charges by mobiles for paid parking spaces.

The discussion entitled “Pre-Election Promises and Steps: Two-Month Operation of “Yelq” Faction of Yerevan Council of Elders” hosted Arayik Harutyunyan, Davit Khajakyan and Sergey Ghahramanyan, Members of “Yelq” Faction at Media Center on August 22 and analyzed the results of their short term operation, spoke about the current issues and possible solutions. 

As a reply to the question how the faction follows the provisions of the pre-election program, Arayik Harutyunyan says that in order to fulfil the program completely, “Yelq” Alliance should have power.

“I want to highlight that when the political forces come out with the program provisions, those programs are completely realized, if the power comes to power. In case of failure of the power, of course, it remains true to the program provisions that have been raised,” Harutyunyan said.

Referring to the criticism addressed to “Yelq” that it does not focus on essential issues, he notes that serious and systemic problems can not be solved within two months and it should be taken into consideration that their faction has limited opportunities.

At the same time, the speaker considers it strange that few people paid attention to the suspension of mobile phone charges for paid parking spaces in Yerevan due to the active operation of the members of the “Yelq” faction.

Sergey Ghahramanyan thinks that many people wanted not to have this increase of price but they did not want the result to be achieved due to the efforts of the members of «Yelq”. «On the one hand, they did not want the price to go up, on the other hand, they did not want that issue to be solved with the help of “Yelq”. Probably, they wanted a neutral force to suspend it and I see jealousy here too.”

Touching upon the most discussed issue of renaming several streets in Yerevan, David Khajakyan, Head of the “Yelq” Faction, mentiones that it was not an unexpected initiative since the issue of renaming the streets was included in their pre-election program.

“We have many streets named after people whose activity was harmful for the Armenian people, for the Armenian statehood, and we have many great Armenians after who we have no streets, ” David Khajakyansaid, adding that at the moment, the issue of renaming the Leningradyan, Kasyan and Mikoyan streets is under discussion.

The latter emphasizes also that the “Yelq” Faction, in addition to the aforementioned initiatives, also actively participates in the the working discussion of other systematic issues, for example, the new development of network for public transport.

Arayik Harutyunyan states that “Yelq” Faction has submitted more than 120 inquiries, complaints, petitions to the Mayor during the last one and a half months.

“If you look at the statistics, the former factions did not have such figures during their entire work,” Arayik Harutyunyan added.

To watch the video, follow the link.  

Derenik Malkhasyan, editor/events coordinator at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to[email protected].

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