“How to Stop the Politicization of the Education Sector? Debate”
If the Republican Party participating in Yerevan Council of Elders Elections highlights the continuity of educational programs of the improvement of schools and kindergartens, “Yelq” Alliance, first of all, emphasizes the fact of putting an end to the politicization of the secondary and primary educational institutions in the capital.

“If the candidate of “Yelq” Alliance becomes a mayor, the head of the Education Department of the Yerevan Municipality should not be a party member. Also a special commission will be set up during the elections to investigate the involvement of principals of kindergartens and schools during the elections in political activities during working hours,” Anahit Bakhshyan, “Yelq” Alliance candidate, said.

As it is known, information about collecting votes for the ruling Republican Party by principals of kindergartens and schools during the last parliamentary elections were confirmed as a result of the scandalous revelations of “the Union of Informed Citizens” NGO. This information was confirmed by the principals whose words were recorded. The ruling party condemned it, and the court did not accept those facts as true evidence.  

In this context Armine Hovhannisyan, the Republican Party Candidate opposed Anahit Bakhshyan. “Aren’t you tired of speaking of the same thing and raising the same issue every time?” she asked and added: “My reply is the same. There is no crime element in the recordings.”

Anahit Bakhshyan and Armine Hovhannisyan participated in a debate on the topic of “Elections of Yerevan Council of Elders 2017: Solutions to the Educational Problems in Pre-Election Programs” held at Media Center on May 11.

At the same time, Anahit Bakhshyan expressed concern that it has been two years that she requires to receive the list of the children registered in the kindergartens but she is refused. “I wrote to receive information by kindergartens but I got information by the administrative districts. There are cases when a child needs to attend kindergarten but he is still in the queue,” she said, adding that although the electronic registration system was introduced in kindergartens for children, but the system is not available to parents. “People may not see when the turn of their child will come and learn other details” she said.

The speaker also recalled that “Sebastia” kindergarten was closed and it was alienated to the Alexanyans family. While the Republican representative said that no kindergarten or school was alienated during their authority. But she accepted the fact that there are queues in kindergartens. 

Bakhshyan also pointed out that the number of children per one nurse is very high in kindergartens today which is unacceptable. “There are groups where three-year-old 40-42 children attend. A mentor and a nurse work there who receive minimum wage. And how can these people be required to give proper education and care? This issue has been discussed much but there is no solution, because the place is small,” she said.

Armine Hovhannisyan touched upon the issue that there are no schools, libraries, kindergartens with no heating. “140 kindergartens were partial or totally renovated,” she said, adding that the Republican party plans to continue this in the case of receiving a vote of confidence.

During the discussion the speakers also raised the issue of low wages of the educators in the kindergartens. “The teachers are paid by the number of students at schools and class time. Now there is such a situation that the employment of the school teachers is little. So are the wages. If cuts are made, it will cause a big confusion. Finance allocated to education should be increased and accordingly the wages of teachers,” Bakhshyan said.

To watch the video, follow the link.  

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