The Public Journalism Club (PJC) unites high-quality media and communication professionals and implements a number of public projects. 

It is enough to mention the Media Center program that has become one of the leading and professional platforms in Armenia since 2013, where events of local, regional and global significance are held.

The Public Journalism Club offers to use our professional services and thus support the public activities of our organization.

We are skilled at coordinating events, discussions, press conferences, trainings, conferences and other events, organizing media visits, conducting live broadcasts, conducting public awareness activities and providing other services.

We are willing to help you effectively present what you have to say and make it available to a large audience.

Contact us for details:

Address: Saryan 12, 3rd floor, Yerevan, Armenia, 0002

Phone: +37412 755 898, +37499 755 898

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