Armenia's Debt Burden Approaches a Dangerous Limit. Experts
October 7, 11:00

Economists consider that the change in the composition of ministers of the economic block of the prime minister and the government in Armenia is not so much a change of economic development mode but an action derived from some political reasons before the elections. Mikayel Melkumyan, the Deputy Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs, thinks that in the pre-election stage when parliamentary elections are expected in Armenia in 7 months, it is natural that the authorities attempt to form a government, which will not be criticized strongly.  “There is a procedure, the new government still has to work for 100 days after which we can assess them," he said, adding that, first of all, this change is motivated by political expediency, on the other hand, however, even if the government is changed, the political majority remains the same.

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