Yerevan Events. Rights of Detainees Were Massively Violated
Rights of detainees were massively violated during the demonstrations organized after July 17 when “Sasna Dzrer” armed group attacked the police station in Yerevan. There are many injuries on them, most of them were kept in the police unit, which is unacceptable. This is a violation of the law for 100 percent. Suren Iskandaryan, member of the Public Monitoring Group at the Detention Facilities, told during the meeting on July 29 at Media Center.

He also said that recently received calls that detainees' relatives did not have any information about them. "Many detainees were not taken to the police station, but to a military unit. No provision of law regulates the transfer of detained people to any other place than the police station. This is a violation of the law for 100 percent. This was done to isolate people, a vivid example is Levon Barseghyan’s case. In fact, he is isolated," Iskandaryan said.

Almost 95 percent of the detainees were released. “So, the objective was to isolate people and most of them were detained groundless,” he added. 

Hasmik Sahakyan, President of the Public Monitoring Group at the Detention Facilities, informed that they follow the events from the first days of Erebuni Police attack, and after detaining the citizens, the observation group formed headquarters in the 24-hour working mode. "Members of the headquarters visited all of the detention facilities," he said.

During this time, the group has received calls that there are people missing. "It was revealed that there are citizens in the places of detention with a reasoning that there was no place in the police stations in Yerevan. On July 21, 136 persons were arrested in Yerevan," Suren Iskandaryan said, adding that all the detained persons were injured. "There were various injuries, some injuries could not have happened while being detained, such as eye bruises."

Reflecting human rights activist, Head of Gyumri Journalists' Club "Asparez" Levon Barseghyan’s arrest, Iskandaryan announced that the trend is the same: "to isolate man." "Barseghyan was detained at 02: 15 pm, he was taken to the Shengavit police department, then moved to Gyumri Kumayri Division, providing notice for signing. Barseghyan asked whether after signing the notice he can go out and come at the hour the notice required, but he was not allowed to leave the area. He is actually kept in illegal way there," the expert said, adding that at 02: 15 of that day the 72-hour detention of Barseghyan would be completed.

Therefore, according to him, after the expiry of the period prescribed by law he should be released or detained. According to him, of the criminal case instigated for holding cold weapon may be preempted as last year during the protests on the Northern Avenue that the knife was in his hands. "It is significant that when he was detained then, there was no problem," he said. 

Now there are two people at the Detention Facilities Levon Barseghyan and Aram Hakobyan, Member of “Sasna Dzrer” group. 

According to Hasmik Sahakyan, the observation group visited Aram Hakobyan and saw that he was injured. "Hakobyan was moving very hard. He said that while helping to move the wounded on a stretcher and he had no weapon, seven policemen attacked him and beat him. In addition, while moving to NSS he was beaten all the way. They continued to beat even on the stairs of NSS up to the third floor," he said, adding that Aram Hakobyan refused an ambulance, and only asked for a medicine to relieve the pain. 

Aram Hakobyan needs to visit the forensic doctor, and then details were clear.

The press conference was also attended by a member of the Public Council Arshak Sadoyan, whose son Areg Sadoyan, who was detained by policemen in civilian clothes. Sadoyan's son was arrested, what Arshak Sadoyan calls "a form of terror." He also said that the Chairman of the Special Investigation Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan personally promised him that Areg would be released after which a decision on detention was made 

"We are witnessing how the people are detained groundless. My son Areg is also arrested, they promised me that my son would be released in a few hours, but he is still imprisoned without any grounds. Besides, the police carried out in our house was illegally investigated and they took away my computer," Arshak Sadoyan said.

Arshaluys Mghdesyan, editor/events coordinator at “Media Center” 

To contact the author please send an email to [email protected].


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