Observers Share Thoughts on the Latest Local Elections
September 15, 12:00

The September 13 local elections in twenty-two communities were held without big violations. What was observed can be referred to as traditional violations such as crowds near polling stations, people who “guided” voters, etc., said the observers. Earlier on September 13, elections of local self-government bodies were held in 22 communities in Armenia. The largest communities were Maralik and Ijevan. The Republican Mayor Artak Gevorgyan, and Artak Avdakyan, a candidate of the Prosperous Armenia Party, were running for a mayor’s seat in Maralik town in Shirak Marz. 1965 of the 3147 voters cast their votes for Artak Gevorgyan and 1110 voted for Artak Avdakyan. Two republican candidates – Mayor Vardan Ghalumyan and Varuzhan Nersisyan – were competing for a mayoral post in Ijevan city in Tavush Marz. The results were 6240 votes for Vardan Ghalumyan and 2032 for Varuzhan Nersisyan.

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