Civil Society Representatives and Experts Challenge the Constitutionality of the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty
Several civil society representatives and experts are confident that the Eurasian Economic Union treaty contradicts the Constitution of RA.

Helsinki Citizens' Assembly appealed to the Constitutional Court of Armenia to challenge the provision that president's foreign policy can't be appealed in the court, said Artur Sakunts, chairman of HCA Vanadzor office during the discussion on the constitutionality of Eurasian Economic Union treaty held by the Media center.

Speaking on the issue of constitutionality of Eurasian Economic Union treaty, Sakunts said, ''Tomorrow we'll be a witness of another shameful act. The Constitutional Court will recognize this document and once again will make an unconstitutional decision on a very important and sensitive issue.''

He said he is for Armenia’s accession to the European Union eventually.

“When talking about the dangers for Armenia’s sovereignty, we should take into account that this treaty is connected with the so-called Gas Treaty, CSTO and Armenian-Russian treaties, which have already divided Armenia's sovereignty in other spheres,'' noticed Styopa Safaryan, head of the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs (AIISA).

Daniel Ioannisyan, project manager at the Union of Informed Citizens, noted that citizens are not sufficiently informed what the Customs Union and the Association Agreement are.

“We are going into an alliance with three countries each of which is less democratic than Armenia,” said Daniel Ioannisyan.

He said that with regard to Armenia's accession to the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty there exist at least three obvious discrepancies.

First of all, in the first article of the Constitution of RA and the sixth paragraph of Declaration of Independence it is clearly mentioned that Armenia is a sovereign state and makes decisions on its own. However, in the main part of the Eurasian Economic Union Treaty it is stated that Eurasian Economic Commission is a collegial body which means that decisions could be adopted and implemented on the territory of Armenia against its will.

Secondly, in the Constitution of RA there are two articles where it is clearly stated that taxes, fees and payments can be defined solely by the law of the Republic of Armenia but according to the Eurasian Economic Treaty the Eurasian Economic Commission also has such authority.

Third, the Constitution states that the Government implements unified state policy on financial-economic, credit and tax issues, and this authority will also be transferred to the Eurasian Economic Commission.

All speakers agreed that a public event of such importance should be examined at the Constitutional Court in open hearings. 

Artur Sakunts noticed that they will have an opportunity to appeal the decision of the Constitutional Court in those institutions which Armenia is affiliated to.

At the end of the discussion publicist Zaruhi Hօvhannisyan said that tomorrow there will be a protest in front of the Constitutional Court and the civil activists are determined to hinder Armenia's accession to the Eurasian Economic Union.

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