Discussion: "Consequences of water letout of the Lake Sevan"
May 7, 13:00

While the representatives of state authorities claim that additional release of 70 million cubic meters of water from Sevan essential for the irrigation of Ararat Valley will not result in a negative water balance in the lake, the environmentalists believe that there is a different reason for the additional water release and that it will damage the lake’s eco system considerably. 

On May 7  the Media Center held a discussion on the Issue of Release of Additional Water from Lake Sevan and its Consequences. Speakers included:  Alyosha Tarverdyan, member of the Committee on Sevan Lake Issues under the RA President,  Inga Zarafyan, head of the Ecolur informational NGO, Erik Grigoryan, environmental expert, head of the Youth Association of Environmental Lawyers and Economists NGO, Vahe Gulanyan, deputy director of Sevan National Park SNCO. 

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