Kessab Armenians donʹt want to leave Syria
“Despite the excessive use of #SaveKessab hashtag it was right to make it a trend. We seized occasion to remind about the Genocide one more time”, Artak Shakaryan, Turkish studies expert said today at the discussion entitled “Kessab Armenians in Latakia: Situation and Challenges” initiated by the Media Center.

Shakaryan urged to stay alert as “Kessab will most probably remain an apple of discord for Turkey and Syria”. Kessab is the only Turkish-Syrian border uncontrolled by the rebels. “I would say the issue is between Turkey and Syria, however, Turkey would not miss the chance to damage Armenians in an odd moment”.

NA Deputy Edmon Marukyan who returned from Latakia a few days ago claimed that there are mass violations of Christian minorities’ rights in Syria. “If the Assad regime falls no Christians will remain in Syria”. He stressed the importance of informational campaign in this context as there is an “informational blockade about Syria around the world”.

NA Deputy Tevan Poghosyan thinks “the reality of the last few years proves that even in the frames of international law the great fish eat the small”.

Marukyan says 320 families in Latakia St Astvatsatsin church are provided with food and essentials. “They ask the compatriots to help them restore the economy when they go back to Kessab. They know they have lost their properties; still they are convinced they will return to Kessab sooner or later. Life away from Syria is out of the question”.

Tevan Poghosyan is sure support from Armenia to Kessab Armenians is of primary importance: “I’m appealing to politicians, businessmen, artists, scientists and everybody else to visit Kessab”.

On April 1 the Media Center hosted a discussion entitled “Kessab Armenians in Latakia: Situation and Challenges”. The speakers were NA deputies Tevan Poghosyan and Edmon Marukyan and Turkish studies expert Artak Shakaryan.

On March 27-28 several deputies travelled to Syrian Arab Republic on private initiative to visit Armenians who have found refuge in Latakia St Astvatsatsin church after having been dislocated from Kessab.

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