March 1: the Unsolved Crime
The “March 1: the Unsolved Crime” event initially planned as a debate was held as a discussion: RPA deputies Margarit Yesayan and Mkrtich Minasyan made a last minute cancellation of their previously confirmed participation. ANC deputy Aram Manukyan, lawyer Seda Safaryan and human rights defender Vardan Harutyunyan took part in the discussion.

Aram Manukyan is convinced the solution of March 1 crime is only possible after a shift in power. “The blame rests with the authorities in power: they will never cut their own throat”, he says.

Seda Sarafyan thinks that the reason for unsolved crime is the unwillingness of the authorities.

“The more we move away from March 1, the farther the crime disclosure becomes. However, I have another viewpoint: the March 1 case has been solved from the very beginning. The fact gathering group assessed a number of circumstances and the assessment is all-encompassing”, she notes.

Head of the Center for Freedom and Rights Vardan Harutyunyan also believes that the crime is solved; it is a different matter that the guilty have not been punished.

“The March 1 case is not only solved, the guilty are already condemned. Only the fact that they are afraid to come and stand here in front of the cameras with me and talk March 1, is a condemnation. They are condemned to avoid cameras, publicity, those standing here now and journalists”, - Harutyunyan claims.

Secretary of ANC faction Aram Manukyan believes that if the authorities were willing to solve the March 1 crime, thousands of people would testify as witnesses. 

“People are afraid to give testimony, because their testimony is against those who would interview them”, ANC deputy believes. He is sure the time will come when RPA deputies will join the opposition to solve the March 1 crime.

Seda Safaryan presumes that the two political parties must bear liability for March 1. “I’m for the truth to be discovered, no matter what it reveals”, she asserts.

Vardan Harutyunyan is critical of the March 1 ad hoc committee. However, the human rights defender is sure that the blood can never be forgotten.

On February 28 the Media Center initiated a discussion entitled “March 1: the Unsolved Crime”. The speakers of the discussion were: Aram Manukyan, Secretary of NA ANC Faction; Seda Safaryan, member of fact-gathering group on March 1, lawyer; Vardan Harutyunyan, Head of Center for Freedom and Rights NGO.

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