Gas Agreement Between Armenia and Russia.
A special open session of the National Assembly’s Accounting Committee was held today, at 15:00.The first issue on the agenda was the legality of the December 23 voting on the agreement on the purchase and sale terms of shares of ArmRosGazprom CJSC and its further activities. The government officials have been notified about the results of the session.

“The December 23 voting was totally illegal,” Artsvik Minasyan of Dashnaktsutyun party, Stepan Margaryan from Prosperous Armenia and Vahagn Khachatryan, a member of Armenian National Congress summarized at a press-conference held today at the Media Center.

“There is no stopping the authorities. They continue their wrongful acts. In 90s, the Supreme Council used to vote by show of hands. The Accounting Committee simply counted the votes and presented them to the chair of the session. In this case, nothing of the kind happened,” said Vahagn Khachatryan.

As Artsvik Minasyan put, although the agreement was alleged to write off Armenian debts, in reality, the debt of 300 million dollars did not even exist. The agreement, in his words, contradicted the whole legislation of the country and particularly the laws regulating the sphere of privatization. According to the agreement, a number of community lands and pipelines were handed to Gazprom. The estimated value of these lands and pipelines is still unknown.

"I have not seen Armenia sign a single agreement to resign all of its immunities provided by the international law. Under this contract, Armenia does disclaim its rights. It would be more decent to give away those 20 per cent to Russia than to have this agreement," said Minasyan.

"The government considers this an excellent agreement, which was signed and, in its opinion, ratified," said Stepan Margaryan, adding that according to the contract, even if Gazprom underwent court trial, the language of legal procedures had to be Russian. 

“As if Gazprom wouldn't be able to pay an interpreter if the trial was in Armenian,” said Margaryan with irony.

Vahagn Khachatryan, in his turn, is convinced that with this agreement Gazprom solved not only the problem of gas supplies, but the entire issue related to the energetic system. In the light of gas price hikes, the electricity prices went up by 30 per cent, and Khachatryan predicts another price rise in this sphere.

The parliamentary Accounting Committee will discuss the legality of the December 23 open voting and will adopt a relevant decision.

On December 26, a discussion was held at the Media Center on the Armenian-Russian agreement on the purchase and sale terms of shares of ArmRosGazprom CJSC and its further activities. Artsvik Minasyan, a member of Parliament from ARF Dashnaktsutyun party, Stepan Margaryan of Prosperous Armenia and Vahagn Khaschatryan, a representative of Armenian National Congress, were the guest speakers of the discussion event.

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