Film screening, Discussions, Presentations

Media Center regularly initiates and holds various cultural events, including film screening and discussion, Literature meetings, training courses and presentations. 

The events aim at fostering cultural dialogue and communication, contextual and pluralistic discussions among students and young people, in particular, to promote media literacy and develop the skills of applying new media tools among students, young representatives of beneficiary organizations.

You can also be initiators and submit proposals of holding some events at Media Center.

To propose an event, you should fill in the application form. We will respond to you within three working days after submitting the application.

Our staff is ready to assist you in organize events and public awareness activities.

The events are widely covered by the media, live streamed on the website of Media Center and Media Center Youtube Channel.

See our three latest events by the following links:

Film Screening-Discussion of Documentary “The Other Side of Home”

Practical Training “Online Live Broadcasting and Public Awareness” was Held


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