Advocates strike called
On June 6 the Media Center hosted a Panel Discussion on the advocates strike called on June 11 and 12. On the mentioned dates the advocates will not participate in any investigative activities, will not attend the sittings of the court thus expressing their disapproval of the Court of Cassation decisions on the admission of the applications.

The advocates complained against dismisses of applications by the Court of Cassation which often makes new decisions contrary to the previous ones without arguing the withdrawal from their own precedents.

The speakers included advocates Hayk Aloumyan, Samvel Jaghinyan, lawyer Ara Ghazaryan, Deputy Ombudsman Genya Petrosyan, Head of the Department of International Cooperation and Public Relations of the Judicial Department Arsen Babayan.

“The European Court of Justice monitors respect for the human rights of 800 million Europeans in the 47 CoE member States. And we say that the Court of Cassation doesn't manage to deal with the population of Armenia. It's ridiculous that the state bodies’ applications are always admissible by the Court of Cassation, whereas common citizens’ applications considered make an extremely low percent”, Hayk Alumyan noted.

Jaghinyan said that the strike is a way to show their consistency in pursuing the objective.

Ara Ghazaryan thinks there are more effective ways of struggle: “We should forget about the Court of Cassation, it’s not meant for resuming human rights, there is a Court of Appeal for it”.

Deputy Ombudsman Genya Petrosyan, certain that the issue should be publicized, expressed her support for the advocates’ action.

Arsen Babayan criticized the strike, comparing advocates with doctors who refuse to work not taking into account that patients may die. 

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