Media Center initiates discussions and press events in response tothe political/social/economic/cultural developments and urgent issuesin our country and the region. 

We ensure multi-party comprehensive discussions by inviting various experts with proven competency in the given sphere guided by the principle of pluralism and impartiality.   

Since the launch of the project we have held more than a hundred discussions with participation of the best experts in respective fields, political and public figures, people of arts and culture, human rights activists, and others.

You can find the press releases and video recordings of our events here, as well as information about the upcoming events in our timetable here.

Media Center-hosted events enjoy extensive coverage by local mass media and are live-streamed on the Media Center and A1+ websites.

The Center provides an opportunity to reporters for holding individual interviews with experts, political and public figures, human rights activists, intellectuals, NGO representatives and diplomats.

You, too, can make the best use of the opportunities Media Center provides and initiate press events, discussions, debates or interviews with individual reporters at our premises. Our staff is on standby to assist you with all the organizational issues.

To suggest an event you have to fill and submit an application. We will come back to you within three working days after receiving it. 

The content and format of the suggested event has to be in accord with the Media Center’s mission and principles. 

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