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Discussion: World Press Freedom Day 2014
Discussion: “Public Debt Management in Armenia. Analysis of Recent Policy Decisions”
Discussion: Constitutional reforms
Art On The Border - Benefit Art Exhibition
Discussion: "The situation in Turkey and Armenia"
Press conference: “Politics and Violence in Syria”
Film Screening and Discussions: "Kessab"
Debate: "Passenger Fare Change: Necessary or Baseless Measure"
Discussion: Challenges Facing Armenian Statehood
Film Screening and Discussions: "Kessab"
Discussion: "Is Armenia Independent in its Foreign Policy Decisions?"
Press Conference: (I protest!) members talking about the decision of Constitutional Court
Film Screening and Discussions: "Kessab"
Discussion: "Palliative Care: Recent Trends".
Press Conference: Ara Zakaryan
Debate: “Cameras and speedometers. Safety, or other issues?”
Discussion: Kessab Armenians, situation and problems
Press Conference: “Human Rights in Russia: Challenges and Mechanisms”
Discussion: ''Military Pensions: Seven Years of Red Tape and Trials''
Press Conference: “Shant Harutyunyan and Friends: Political Prisoners for 5 Months”
Press Conference: (I protest!) Initiative
Press Conference: Raffi Hovhannisyan
Discussion: "Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan living in temporary housing for 26 years"
Press Conference: Ambassador of Ukraine to Armenia Ivan Kukhta
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