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Discussion. Constitutionalism of Armenian President’s Decision to Join Customs Union
Press Conference: Wolfgang Börnsen
Discusssion. Upcoming Presidential Elections in Georgia
Discusssion. Issue of Stray Dogs in Yerevan
Press Conference: Lance Price
Debate: Crossroad of civilizations: Armenia’s choice
Press Conference: Sean Mcallister
Discusssion. Presidential Election in Azerbaijan
Open Air Discussion “Right to Breathe”
Parada: Closed Film Screening and Discussion
Discusssion. External and Internal Threats to Syria
Discusssion. Threats and Hate Speech against Women's Resource Center
Discusssion. Law on Gender Equality: Ministry Reacts
Secret Codes in National Minorities' ID documents in Turkey
Discusssion. Transit Fare Hikes in Yerevan
Discusssion. Rights of the Recruits
Discusssion. Violation of Hrachya Harutyunyan's Rights in Moscow
Press Conference: Employment Law draft
Discusssion. “Black Garden” –Ten Years Later
Bavakan Film Screening and a Following Expert Discussion
Press Conference: “Hayk Movsisyan Case”
Press Conference: Naregatsi Festival of the Arts Program
Aarhus Convention’s Compliance Committee decision on Teghout exploitation
Discusssion. Advocates Strike Called
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