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Discussion. Ukraine’s Choice: Factors and Consequences
Discussion. The Latest Developments in Mental Health Sphere
Discussion.The World Day of Prevention of Violence against Children in Armenia
Discussion. Pension Reform
Press Conference: “Higher Education in Armenia Today.”
Discussion. Need of Palliative care in Armenia: international experts' overview.
Press Conference: Ghazir Rug woven by Armenian orphans
Film Screening and Discussions: "Three Stories of Galicia"
Discussion. November 5 Clashes Between the Police and Activists
Press Conference: Henry Reynaud
Film Screening and Discussions: “Vash-Vish” and "Zero Waste"
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Press Conference: Ashot Melikyan
Discussion. Amnesty International report
Press Conference: Programme Strategy of the Television Companies in Armenia
Discussion. Constitutionalism of Armenian President’s Decision to Join Customs Union
Press Conference: Wolfgang Börnsen
Discusssion. Upcoming Presidential Elections in Georgia
Discusssion. Issue of Stray Dogs in Yerevan
Press Conference: Lance Price
Debate: Crossroad of civilizations: Armenia’s choice
Press Conference: Sean Mcallister
Discusssion. Presidential Election in Azerbaijan
Open Air Discussion “Right to Breathe”
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