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Discussion: Government’s decision on a year-long delay for homeless families’ housing
Discussion: The dismantling of the Afrikyan Club building
Discussion: "Christian Ethics Lessons and 'History of Armenian Church' Textbook in Secondary Schools"
Debate: “Armenia's Prospects for the Eurasian Economic Union”
Press Conference: ‘Local Authorities Elections in Goris and Other Cities and Regions of Armenia'
Press Conference: (I protest!) Initiative
Discussion: Will the Law on Not Revealing the Fetus Gender have an effect?
Discussion: “Analyzing Environmental and Social Impact of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants in Armenia”
Press conference: Ambassador of Brazil in Armenia
Discussion: The erection of a monument to Anastas Mikoyan
Discussion: Europe-post Soviet states relations and new round of EU visa facilitation
Debate: “New Government's Program: Solutions or Wishful Thinking?”
Press conference: Actor Vardan Petrosyan's lawyers
Press conference: Artur Sakunts
Discussion: Armenia in a New Political Frame
Press Conference: (I protest!) Initiative
Press conference: International family day
Press conference: Oleksandr Pavlyuk
Press conference: Problems of domestic violence
Discussion: "Consequences of water letout of the Lake Sevan"
Discussion: 2014-2019 concept of mental health and the improvement in the field
Debate: “How much of the Yerevan Council electoral program have been realized a year after the election?”
Discussion: World Press Freedom Day 2014
Discussion: “Public Debt Management in Armenia. Analysis of Recent Policy Decisions”
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