“XIV KIN International Film Festival: Press Conference”
KIN International Film Festival makes it possible to make women's voice more audible and to see the world not only from the perspective of men but also women.

A press conference was held at Media Center on November 14, dedicated to XIV KIN International Film Festival. The festival was held on November 14-18 in Yerevan. The speakers of the press conference were Mariam Ohanyan, Head of KIN International Film Festival, and Tatyana Danielyants, Member of Jury.

The aim of the film festival is to create a platform where female directors can present their films. This year, the festival has 500 applications from different countries out of which 60 films have been selected from 20 countries (Russia, Canada, Spain, Israel, US, England, Korea, Kosovo, Mexico, Australia, etc.).

“This festival is another opportunity for female directors to pave the way. We are trying to help them as much as possible. Often, we invite directors or representatives of other festivals as jury members who screen the selected films in their festivals later,” Mariam Ohanyan said.

The jury of the festival consists of 5 members selected from different countries and having different professions. Tatyana Danielyants says that it is good on the one hand and on the other hand, it causes complications.

“Each of the jury members has its own point of view. However, experience shows that when the members of the jury are representatives of different spheres, there is a hope that the best films will be selected,” Danielyants said.

The peculiarity of the festival is new films with new eyes. They raise new challenges, revealing the reality of today.

“At our festival, you can see a variety of topics ranging from loneliness of a woman, ending with family and workplace issues. However, we do not limit the topic to women's problems alone. The woman, as a full member of society, can have opinions on various issues. She can talk about war and other issues. There are no restrictions, the quality of the film is important, its value as a piece of art,” added Mariam Ohanyan.

Three films from Armenia were presented. A film by Mane Baghdasaryan called "Adaptation", Angel Frjanyan's film about the people who had problems and a film of Christine Ghazaryan dedicated to the hero of the April war. The film festival has the best film nomination, special prize, 5 diplomas and a prize for the best Russian film from the Russian cooperation.

Referring to the problems of the Armenian cinematography, Mariam Ohanyan expresses regret that very few female directors continue their carrier after receiving relevant education. She also underlines that there are no appropriate conditions in Armenia for productive creativeness.

“The film has a very important political significance because it is through film that other countries learn about your country. But today it is completely cut off from the society, and the art, which is cut off from society, is a dead art. The role of cinema is to enter into dialogue with the society. There are films that have a great deal of viewers, but from the quality point of view, unfortunately, they do not meet the standards and will reap a little later. We will not have the small islands, on which we will build the history of Armenian cinema,” said Mariam Ohanyan.

In her turn, Tatyana Danielyants believes that the film industry is being restored in Armenia. There are new voices that cannot be silenced even in the most critical situations.

To watch the video, follow the link. 

Arpine Arzumanyan, Website Editor at “Media Center”

To contact the author please send an email to arpinearzumanyan@pjc.am.

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