The Armenian Market Remains Attractive for French Investors
French investors are willing to continue launching and implementing projects in Armenia, as a result, strengthening the Armenia-France relations.
The French delegates are visiting Armenia as part of a series of study tours initiated by the Armenian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the PMCI Company.

“The French businessmen visiting Armenia intend to introduce the French industry and market to Armenia. We plan to cooperate in several fields, namely agricultural products, communication and information technologies and tourism,” said Bernard Hatemian today at the Media Center hosted press conference.

The Armenian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bernard Hatemian noted, currently carries out a set of projects ranging from rose cultivation, establishment of chain of boutique hotels in Odzun and Sanahin to fish farming in the Aras Valley. Among upcoming projects is the development of crop production in the same region.

The speakers included: Francois Gsavies-Dias, Head of the Paul Ricard Company; Bernard Courtois, Honorary Prefect; Bernard Hatemian, President of the Armenian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Martin Fumèe, Deputy Head of the Association of Leading French International Companies; and Michel Triballeau, Deputy Head of the Armenian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Historically, Armenia has strong relations with Russia. Yet, in cultural and economic regard time shows that Armenia should aim for the West,” said Martin Fumèe when sharing her thoughts on Armenia’s joining the Eurasian Economic Union and consequent shifts.

Bernard Courtois also stressed the importance of building strong Armenian-French relations. “To act we need to get to know one another,” Courtois believes. “As for France, cultural and economic ties with Armenia are very important and we should enhance them. Armenia has an immense contribution to the world culture. So, we should strengthen cultural ties and develop them into economic ones.”

Francois Gsavies-Dias advised Armenian businessmen “to share their philosophy and values with others and work hard to become the best producers possible,” and added “in this respect Pernod Ricard chose to invest in the quantitative and qualitative improvement of Armenia’s vines. It is the way to export high quality brandy to international markets.”

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