The Actions of the Law Enforcement Agencies
In advance of the Human Rights Day Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor presented the recent developments regarding Ara Khachatryan’s and Zhuleta Amarikyan’s cases.

Zhuleta Amarikyan was taken to a psychiatric center for compulsory psychiatric treatment after a family quarrel in 2013. Tigran Hayrapetyan, Zhuleta Amarikyan’s lawyer, stated that his defendant was exerted pressure on and tortured during one-month-long treatment at the psychiatric hospital.

“In case of people with mental disorders our laws do not have any force. They do not protect human rights and there is discrimination. The courts in Armenia make verdicts without an appropriate special conclusionand neglecting laws,” said Tigran Hayrapetyan at the Media Center hosted press conference.

The speakers included Artur Sakunts, Chairman at HCA Vanadzor Office; Tigran Hayrapetyan, Zhuleta Amarikyan's lawyer; and Anna Khachatryan, Ara Khachatryan's sister.

Artur Sakunts believes psychiatric admission and treatment is often abused as a punishment tool in personal relations.

Anna Khachatryan spoke on her brother's disappearance case. Ara Khachatryan, missing since June 3, 2011, Kapan, Syunik, cannot be found despite the investigation conducted by the police and his relatives. Anna Khachatryan said that the numerous requests she has filed are not responded to which means that Vakhtang Avagyan, Head of the Regional Department of Syunik, has been and still is involved in this case.

A person, Artur Sakunts said, is not protected in Armenia and “you can never be sure that your protection and security will be ensured.”

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