Relations between the Armenian and Turkish Societies Have Risen to a New Level
Following Ankara’s sharp reaction to the statements made by the foreign presidents who took part in the Armenian Genocide Centennial events, the Armenian-Turkish official relations may become increasingly tense. The public ties between the two countries, though, have risen to a new level, judging by the commemoration events held in different cities through Turkey.

The local police managed to ensure the security at the events to commemorate the Armenian Genocide Centennial and “there were almost no provocations,” Arshamyan said.

Heghine Manasyan described the commemoration events as crucial because “they prompted Armenians to think more broadly.” “The events are important for the guests and experts from Turkey who were then visiting Armenia. I hope they will travel back home impressed,” Manasyan said. The CRRC Head believes raising public awareness increases the number of people in Turkey who recognize the Genocide and urge their Government to open the border.

“Small-scale earthquakes” for Armenians - this is the description Lusine Kharatyan used to speak on the centennial events and the international response which followed. “People have their sense of dignity and reclamation restored. They have dashed off the context of sorrow. Over next two months the society in Armenia will shape its attitude towards the international reaction to the events and it will determine the further changes in the relations,” Kharatyan explained.

Levon Hovsepyan pointed out two factors determining the Genocide recognition: internal transformations in the Turkish society and external pressure on the Turkish Government. Hence, the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide is crucial, he believes. Of primary importance is the recognition by Germany since it was the main ally of Turkey during WWI. “If Germany – which allied the Ottoman Empire – recognizes the Genocide, it will strip Turkey of any leverages to maneuver and deny,” Hovsepyan said.

Arshaluys Mghdesyan, Editor-Coordinator

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